Harry is abandoned by everyone fanfiction

We all want more of Harry Potter beyond the seven novel series dreamed up by J. Rowling and the timeless eight film blockbuster franchise. So where exactly do you go when searching for more of the fantastic universe introduced to us by The Boy Who Lived? If re-imaginings of the acclaimed series that answer all the "What ifs From Fanfiction.

And as a longtime fanfic reader, I'm here to tell you, fans of The Boy Who Lived are an incredibly imaginative bunch. From multi-chapter stories that dream up epic romances about popular "ships" shorthand for relationships like Draco and Hermione, to time traveling adventures and mature erotica rated "M" that will make you clutch your pearls, there is a story for everyone.

Some can be a bit rough around the edges, but a fair warning: once you read one, it's hard to stop. So while it's nearly impossible to give kudos to every amazing story out there inspired by Rowling's words, I hope this list of some of the best Harry Potter fan fiction will lead you on a path to finding what's right for you.

We've organized our 52 selections by some of the fandom's most popular ships and story prompts, which you'll discover often overlap with one another. We also included a rundown of need-to-know lingo amongst fanfic die hards. Happy reading! For more ways to live your best life plus all things Oprah, sign up for our newsletter! Your Best Life. Type keyword s to search. Warner Bros. Related Stories. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

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Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.As Harry Potter raced out of the great hall, he heard voices calling to him. He heard others say he was too young, he heard some say he did it, he entered the triwizard tournament himself to get more attention.

He was shocked by everything, the looks, the whispers, but what shocked him more was the glare he received from his friend, from Ron.

In that instant Harry knew then that Ron believed he entered and no matter what he said Ron would always believe he entered.

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He would never listen to the truth. Before returning to Hogwarts all Harry kept thinking about was would his fourth year at Hogwarts be any different from his first three years. His first year he had Quirrell and Voldemort trying to kill him.

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He was the-boy-who-lived who everyone would stare at, trying to see his scar. Ever since Hagrid had explained about Voldemort and his parents, Harry hated his scar. It reminded him that he lived over his parent's, he lived when they sacrificed themselves for him. Harry thought for what, he's life has been terrible and always will be. Harry had felt guilty ever since he heard happened about that night in Godric's Hollow.

harry is abandoned by everyone fanfiction

He knew from that moment on he deserved the treatment he got from the Dursley's, it was his punishment for living over his parents. He never told a soul that was how he felt, but he had never revealed the truth about the Dursley's either. Then he thought of second year, Aragog, the voice of the basilisk as it wanted to kill, the petrified people. Then to face a thousand year old giant snake in the hope he could save Ginny Weasley. To Harry, that was bad enough, but the worst had been listening to Tom Riddle.

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He finally saw the boy who would turn into the man that murdered his parents, Lord Voldemort. What he said made Harry do a lot of thinking. Were they alike? Harry knew they were similar in looks and maybe the only other thing they were similar in was the fact they were both parselmouth's. Harry didn't think he would ever kill, and he knew he would never torture anyone, not like Voldemort did who seemed to enjoy it.Story Author Community Forum.

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How he saw things at Hogwarts and his house, how he reacted to them, how it changed him and what type of person he became. How will Harry's life change with someone caring for his well-being? With a destiny of her own to fulfill, will Cordelia Iris Black be able to help Harry in becoming the best version of himself?

Dumbledore Grey! What separates them? What holds them together? What becomes of this bond? Just Minerva is a little more attached, Hermione isn't as snooty, and Neville is a good friend. I own nothing just thought this was funny and couldn't get it out of my head. To Infinity and Beyond by Whatdidyoudream Draco gets a new tattoo. K, English, words:1hHarry P. When Albus is poisoned during an ordinary school day, it shocks everyone around him, and he spends the week in hospital, recovering.

They might not have been dating for long, but Lysander has no plans to leave his bedside until Albus is awake and well again.

Even if it means taking up knitting to stay sane. This leads to the Most powerful man alive. He rather fancies himself as one of those old time 'noir detectives'. He is rather surprised when he gets a potential client in the form of one Narcissa Malfoy.

He's even more surprised to learn that it's actually Draco Malfoy. Mutual curiosity sparks an unlikely magnetism between them, but neither of them are the children that they once were. Mystery, romance, a little touch of comedy.

First, putting his family back in its proper place. Two, protecting and pushing the Wizarding world forward. And Third, ensuring a group of pure-blood supremacists bleed with the man responsible for the death of his parents.

After all, he is The Blood of the Lion and their his Prey. Demigods Witches Huntresses!This is very sad. Warning, character death.

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Name of the story inspired by the song, 'The Lonely' by Christina Perri. You guys should check it out. Harry Potter, boy who lived, defeater of the Dark Lord and suspect entry in the TriWizard Tournament, was standing before his fellow Hogwarts Champion. Walking through the halls just to find the older teen had been hell.

Everyone was wearing these garish badges that would support the Hufflepuff Champion one moment and transform to insult Harry the next. He lost count of how many had been shoved in his face just that day alone! However, he had to tell Cedric Diggory something important. And in order to do so, he had to bear the snickers and dirty looks. Had to subject himself to the torture of his fellow students in order to even the playing field, so to speak.

His vast sense of justice wouldn't let him sit in his dorm and avoid everyone. He had to tell Cedric! It was the right thing to do. The school had turned on him again. Except this time, his friends had abandoned him as well. He was alone. Alone as his once friends insulted him.

As even the Hufflepuffs hounded him. No one was on his side. No one seemed to care. He had three professors, but that didn't mean anything because the professors couldn't play favorites. He was all alone.

Harry Potter After The War - episode 34 - Harry Potter FanFic Forever

Though it shouldn't have been such a new thing to him. He had been alone all the time as a child. But he had gotten used to having people around.

People who wanted him. Who wanted to be near him.

And now that he was alone again, it hurt worse than before. And even through the pain of the loneliness, he had pushed himself to face the day.

And in doing so, he hunted the grounds for Cedric Diggory, and finally found him. With a strange look, he gave a nod and followed Harry to a small tree several yards away.

Harry ignored the taunts and jeering of the seventh years behind them. They have one for each of us. Whatever we're doing, has to do with Dragons. Cedric looked like someone had just killed his puppy.I might build a story on it, but I'm not sure yet. I didn't spare much time for editing, so Let me know if there are any problems. Disclaimer: As you well know, I am making no money from this writing, nor do I claim ownership over any portion of the rights to the Harry Potter characters or setting.

Harry Potter was feeling rather miserable at the moment. His name had somehow been entered into the Goblet of Fire and now he was being forced to compete. All of his housemates, besides Hermione, were praising his ability to bypass the underage protections, and nagging him about how he did it. Those outside of his house, however, were rather upset at him, even the usually amiable Hufflepuffs.

Unable to get a moments peace in the Gryffindor common room, and uncomfortable with the looks he'd been getting from his so-called best friend Ron Weasley, Harry decided that he needed to escape from everything for a while. After classes ended for the day, he begged off accompanying Hermione to the Library with the excuse of a headache.

He snuck around a few corners, finding an empty classroom where he hoped he would be unnoticed. Sitting down, he rested his head on the desk in front of him. He sighed, relieved that he actually managed to get a moment to himself.

He groaned as he heard someone open the door he had just closed. Surprised at the voice he heard, he glanced up to see Susan Bones standing in the doorway, "Hello Susan, come to tell me off like everyone else?

Susan huffed, "I just came to let you know that I'm sorely disappointed in you. I thought you were better than that. What did you hope to accomplish by entering yourself in the tournament?

She just rolled her eyes, "Because you're still competing.

harry is abandoned by everyone fanfiction

If you didn't want to compete, you would just refuse. They can't encourage you to break the rules, but you wouldn't be obligated in any way to follow them unless you entered your name of your own free will.The first thing you need to do is to enable the trade so you can start selling your prediction and go on the next prediction research.

51 of the Best Harry Potter Fan Fiction Stories on the Internet

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harry is abandoned by everyone fanfiction

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harry is abandoned by everyone fanfiction

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